American Lung Association

2014 - 2015
Illustration, Print & Layout

Art Direction by Jen Koscielniak

The American Lung Association asked for Blue Water to create an art direction for a series of videos that would outline treatment options as a part of a patient’s journey when "Facing Lung Cancer". These videos would be made in the stop motion style with paper cutout props. Once the storyboards were drawn out, I helped the team with the illustrations needed for the project. When the videos were in production at another studio, I designed a worksheet that would accompany each video while following the American Lung Association’s brand guidelines. Each worksheet can be found on the video webpages.

Medical staff

The medical staff.


Contracting, resting, and expanding lungs.


A prescription bag and pharmaceuticals.

Surgical equipment

A hemostatic clamp, scalpel, and video camera scope.

External beam radiation therapy machine

An external beam radiation therapy machine.

Human body profiles

Human profiles to show how treatment is administered to the body.

Patient's family, friends, and medical staff

A lung cancer patient's support system of family, friends, and medical staff.


A family.


Laundry and dry cleaning.


Food and groceries.

Weekly planner

A weekly planner.

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