Letter Color Associations

Hand Lettering, Screen Printing

Letter Color Associations is a series of alphabet posters inspired by synesthesia. One manifestation of this phenomenon causes people to see colors for letters and numbers. While the vast majority of people do not experience this, many have color associations attached to letters. To discover more about these connections, I developed a poll to ask people what colors they associate with the letters in the alphabet. Participants were only asked to provide a color for a letter if they already had an established association and, if they did not have a color connection to a letter, they could leave the answer blank. Once the data was collected, colors were mixed starting with the most prominent color answer and then by adding all the other colors. All color responses are included in each letter with an addition of opaque white to insure that the color could be seen against the black paper chosen for the project.

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Full Letter Color Asociassions series

The full "Letter Color Asociassions" series.

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