Connect 4

General Assembly Project

General Assembly, 2021

While attending General Assembly for Software Programing, I got the chance to recreate a game on the web. I chose to develop and deploy Connect 4, a game that I have fond memories of playing with my Grandma when I was young.



  • Scoreboard that keeps track of how many rounds each player has won
  • An indicator that shows which player’s turn it is
  • Automatically changes checker colors to align with the current player’s turn
  • Allows the player to click on the column that they want to place their checker in
  • Automatically scans for win conditions after each player makes a move
  • A button to allow the players to restart the round
  • A button to allow the players to start a new game/clear their current game

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Let’s Play Connect 4! - GitHub

Technologies Used

Software Development

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Google Fonts
  • VS Code
  • Utilized live prototyping for wireframing and design
  • GoodNotes for project planning
players filling the game board

Checkers fill the game board as players interact with the page.

player 1 wins

Player 1 wins!

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