Digital Battlegrounds

Digital Battlegrounds

CEB, now Gartner, 2016

CEB’s marketing team needed a webpage design that presented CEB’s product offerings in a more dynamic way to engage potential clients.



The CMS templates used for CEB’s global website were great for sharing data and information but not optimized for promoting and selling products.


Create a template geared towards marketing products that would retain content control through our CMS so the marketing team could update pages whenever needed without the help of the web design team.

My Role

I designed a CMS template that could be utilized across multiple products.

Methods and Execution

Web Design

  • All proposed designs were created in Photoshop CC.
web page header design

This new web page design offered more space for its content than most of the traditional CEB template pages, giving it more readability and flexibility for content creation.


  1. I interpreted wireframes developed by a consultant to make sure our client’s needs were addressed in the design.
  2. Keeping our CMS in mind, I begin to build out a design that used existing components and needed minimal CSS or JavaScript intervention.
  3. I created several designs and coordinated reviews with my team and the marketing team.
  4. I collaborated with a developer on our team to build out the template in our CMS.
  5. When complete, the template was applied to several product pages and went live on the CEB global website.

what you need design

client experience design

become a member design

decision making tools design

full web page design